Shelly is in our FOREVER CARE porgram.
Shelly went to her forever foster home on April 2, 2016!! When we pulled Shelly from MACC, we knew she had a heart murmur and a mammary tumor that needed to be removed. The tumor came back positive for carcinoma, a low grade malignancy but clean margins. The vet warned us that she would need to be checked on a regular basis. Barely 6 months later, we found another tumor, had it removed a few weeks ago and it came back positive as a mass cell, low grade malignancy with clean margins. Shelly had so many people that wanted to adopt her but with her medical issues, people feared what the costs could be in the future, we get it, the expenses could be high and given she had 2 tumors removed in 6 months, we just couldn't guarantee there wouldn't be more. Our vet also felt that Shelly's murmur will require meds in the future. Shelly deserved a home of her own and we wanted to make sure she was loved and cared for the rest of her life. Hence, our Forever Care Program. We make sure all her medical costs are covered when needed, and her foster mom makes sure she gets tons of love and kisses every day. Thank you to her foster mom for giving Shelly such an amazing home!! We miss you sweet girl be the happy, silly girl that makes us smile.
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