Forever Care

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Gizmo Gizmo is in our FOREVER CARE PROGRAM. Gizmo has some trust/aggression issues which we have worked on with a trainer, but are still unresolved. Giz is safe and loved with us.


JLo Jlo is in our FOREVER CARE PROGRAM. JLo came to us with a very bad upper respiratory condition and was feeling awful for much longer than usual. She has gotten her spunk back, has been spayed, and loves to run and play in her fenced yard.

Molly and Mike

Molly and Mike Update-We lost our sweet Molly to heart problems on April 26, 2016. You were loved every minute of every day we had you. We miss you sweet Molly. Mike is still with us and we're sure he misses his best friend. Molly and Mike are in our FOREVER CARE P ...


Ozzy Ozzy is in our FOREVER CARE PROGRAM. Ozzy has diabetes and went blind rapidly as a result of cataracts. He also has high blood pressure which is stable now due to his meds, Amlodipine. Thanks to Dr. Jurk and her staff at Animal Eye Care of NE Ozzy has si ...