April 23,2016. He was once called "Fast Freddie" - he loved to run and chase tennis balls. Then he lost the use of his hind legs. Freddie came to Saving Paws Rescue almost five years ago, dragging his hind legs. Soon after getting him we took him for a consultation to the Animal Special Center (ASC) in Yonkers. Dr. Berg said he had some function in his hind end and recommended an MRI -and then surgery. Through the huge generosity of many donors the money was raised; Freddie had his MRI, immediately followed by surgery for a very badly ruptured disc .
Three days later Freddie WALKED out of ASC on all four legs. After few short months Freddie was once again chasing tennis balls. Freddie has been with us ever since, loved beyond words. Now Freddie is running free with all his friends - chasing tennis balls and maybe the errant squirrel again. And we hope you have found a cupboard to raid. We miss you sweet Freddie. Run free my boy.
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