White and Tan words
2 to 3 years of age
Cookie is a Sheltie/Lab mix who is approx 2-3 years old. This sweet girl literally hugs you whenever possible and loves to give kisses. Unfortunately, she spent a few months in a boarding facility and didn't see the light of day the whole time until we were able to convince her owner that she needed to get out. Even though she is now in a foster home, she deserves to finally have a home of her own with a soft bed to lay her head down on. Cookie is not good with small dogs or cats but she LOVES children of all ages and is extremely gentle with them. If you have a loving family and would consider having Cookie as a part of it, she would be extremely grateful and would love you forever.

Cookie was officially adopted on Dec 26th. She has a wonderful family of her own who absolutely adore her. Cookie waited quite a while for the perfect family to find her and now that they have, she couldn't be happier. Yeah for you sweet girl, you deserve the best!!
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