3 Years Old
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Update: Great news - Christie has decided to keep Louis!
Meet Louis, an incredibly loving and affectionate little guy who is looking for a foster or forever home! Louis' story will pull at your heartstrings, but you'd never know it from hanging out with this happy go lucky pup.

Louis was pushed out of a van and left alone at night at a camp in New York on a Friday night. He waited in the same spot for two days and two nights until people arrived at the camp. The camp called Christie, a woman who lives down the street, and she came to help Louis. Louis was very happy to see her, and went right up to her with his tail wagging and giving kisses like its his job.

We had Louis scanned for a microchip, and found out that he was adopted from an SPCA in Florida in October of last year by a man who is now on their "Do Not Adopt" list. We can only imagine how Louis got from Florida to NY, or what he has endured in the last year, but what we do know is that he is a very happy and loving dog that still thinks everyone is awesome and worthy of his unconditional love and nonstop kisses.

Louis is in need of a foster or forever home. Is there any reason why this little guy can't become part of your family? Apply to foster or adopt him today!

Here is a note from Christie about Louis:

"Louis/Edgar got pushed out of a van. For 2 days he sat and waited. Now he needs a home. He has a coat the color of honey with molasses lips. It fits. There is a sweetness to this dog that goes beyond words. He has an easy smile and a tail that is in constant motion. Even starved, he'll bound over for a hug and a kind word before he eats. He's playful, enthusiastic and wicked smart. If one word can describe him, it is joyful.

He mostly comes when called, sits for dinner and thinks long walks with a person are the best thing on the planet. He may never have had a real home because he has no idea what to do with a sofa, toys or a thrown stick. His favorite toy is a purple dinosaur. He likes wet food much better than kibble and has a forlorn gaze that can charm his way to anything he wants.

He's everything a person could want in a companion. If we didn't have 7 cats in a small house, he'd be ours in a heartbeat. We've only known him for a few days but already love him to death. Gotta find a great home for this great dog."

Here's another video of Louis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhRhsL2KYh8
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