Black with a small white patch
Under a year old
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Update - October 3: Mack has been adopted! After almost a year of waiting patiently for someone to fall in love with him, Mack now has a forever dad of his very own! His dad loves him so much, and can't believe how anyone could pass Mack over (we agree!). He's renamed him Max, and Max thinks his new name is pretty cool. He also thinks his dad is pretty cool, and has fallen in love with him too! He gets to sleep in bed with him, play ball in a huge fenced in yard and get lots of love! Max is currently working on winning over the cat, and we think the kitty will fall in love with him any day now. Sorry the picture is so blurry, but adoption day was a very happy day for all involved, so Max couldn't stop wiggling and kissing!


Under a year old, this sweet little guy adores everyone he meets. He showers you in kisses, and his tail thumps away if you just look in his direction. He's great with kids and strangers, and thinks everyone is his new best friend! Mack loves cats, and even gives them affection. He'd do great in a home with children and cats.

Mack is one of the happiest dogs you will ever meet. His eyes light up when people come around, and his tail wags so fast his whole body wiggles. When he's excited, he hops around like a bunny. That's right, this little dog hops with joy. Mack learned to sit very quickly, and is eager to learn new things - especially when treats are involved! He's also really motivated by games. He loves to play ball. He'll go find the ball and bring it back to you, dropping the ball at your feet and waiting patiently for you to throw it again.

When he's not showing off his tricks or fetching a ball, Mack loves some good snuggle time. As soon as you plop down next to him, this incredibly affectionate little boy nestles in against your for a good snooze. He'll nuzzle his head into your arm, sink the rest of his body into the couch belly up, and drape his paw over your arm - it's almost like he's waiting for you to read him a bedtime story. Mack is looking for someone he can love and adore each day. Do you need a some unconditional love and affection every day? Then Mack is your boy.

Mack is neutered and up to date on all of his shots. He just wants to be near people, and needs someone to cuddle up to and love. Please contact us if you can give Mack a forever home.
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