Why You Should Foster!

Foster homes are one of the most important elements of our rescue. We simply couldn’t function without them. Fostering gets the dogs and cats out of the shelter, and allows us to save the lives of more animals. Shelters and boarding facilities are stressful, and cannot compete with the love and care provided in a foster home.  With each pet fostered, we are able to save the life of another animal in need.

Benefits of Fostering:

Companionship. Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience. The bond between you and your foster pet is a special one. Your foster animal will know that you saved his or her life, and the love that they will give you is immeasurable.

Let us Save More. You are providing us with the room to save one more dog or cat. With the space that your foster animal is no longer filling, we can now save the life of another animal.

Teach Kindness. Show your children the true meaning of generosity, kindness and love by fostering a dog or cat.

Help Get Them Adopted. We know a lot about each of the dogs and cats in our care. You can help us learn all the quirks and personality traits of your foster animal, and will be able share those with us so we can determine the best forever home for them. Cute quirks go a long way in getting noticed online.

Fulfilling Experience. Fostering a dog or cat is one of the most fulfilling things that you will ever do. You are saving a life. You are saving the life of an animal that otherwise would not have had a chance to know love. While it is hard to part with your foster animal once he or she finds his forever home, knowing that you gave them the opportunity to get to that forever home is always worth it.

What you Need to Know:

While foster parents provide the dog or cat with love and affection, we provide the rest! We will give you supplies, such as beds, food, collars and leashes and more for you to properly care for your foster animal. We will take care of all vet visits and any needed medication. Saving Paws will bring your foster animal to adoption events, and advocate for and promote each animal until they are adopted.

Will you give one of our dogs or cats a warm bed while we work to find them forever homes? Fill out our application! Foster Application