Spay and Neuter

We've heard every excuse in the book for why people choose to not spay/neuter their animals. "I don't want to take away his manhood," "I can find 'good' homes for the puppies" or "I feel bad" are ones that we hear often. Here's the thing - if you love your pet, prove it. Spaying or neutering is the ONLY way to avoid a litter ending up on the euthanasia list, and to protect your dog or cat from many deadly diseases. Don't be the cause of any more animals dying. 


  • Reduce aggression (including biting)
  • Reduce marking/spraying with urine or feces
  • Reduce or remove behaviors such as mounting, arousal and excessive licking
  • Reduce desire to roam (85% of dogs hit by cars are unaltered)
  • In males: the risk of testicular cancer is eliminated and the risk of prostate disease is severely decreased
  • Protect your male pet from: Benighn prostatic hyperplasia, acute and chronic prostatis, prostatic abscess, Perianal gland adenomas, Orchitis (infection of the testicles), Venereal tumors, Perineal hernia (abdominal organs bulging out of rectum), Inguinal hernia with potential organ strangulation
  • Protect your female pet from: Breast cancer, Cystic endometrial hyperplasia and pyometra, Transmissible venereal sarcoma, Ovarian and uterine tumors, Cystic ovaries and hyperestrogenism, Chronic endometritis, Vaginal hyperplasia and prolapse, Uterine torsion or uterine prolapse
  • Your dog or cat will live a longer and better life


Myth - My pet will get fat and lazy.
Not true. Spaying and neutering will not affect metabolism or energy level. Your pet will still want to run and play. Pets only get fat and lazy when owners overfeed, or get lazy and don't excercise their pets.

Myth - I don't want my male to not feel like a male.
Not true. This is a human insecurity, NOT a dog insecurity. Neutering will not change your pet's personality, and he will not miss them when they're gone. He doesn't need his testicles to know who he is. That's your issue, not your pet's.

Myth - I can find good homes for the litter.
Not true. We hear this most from people who sell the litters, but most people with unaltered animals think this way too. If this were true, the kill shelters wouldn't be full of puppies and kittens scheduled to die in the morning.

Myth - I want my dog to protect me.
Not true. Your dog's instinct to protect you does not come from his testicles or her uterus.

Myth - My pet is a purebreed.
So are one in four of the dogs sitting in kill shelters in the United States. If you or someone you know wants a purebreed, go to the shelter. Don't produce more dogs and cats that take the available homes of the animals in shelters.

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